Project Detail

Moscow is the capital and the ever-growing metropolis of the Russian Federation still hungry for anything that is big and new. So, we present the Columbus. It’s new and it’s huge!  10 stories and 285,000 square meters.

This structure has a handful of special features; the ordinary span length is 8.5m in both directions where 17m spans will be post-tensioned. Atrium has cantilever beams up to 7meters and on the 7th floor, 12m long bridges connect two sides together. The side of the structure has cantilever beams with a 5m span and tapered sections. An ordinary story height is 5 meters. The raft foundation has 800mm thickness, at the inverse column cap thickness reaches 1600mm. Excavations on the sides are braced to the structure until the diaphragm wall is constructed.

Inside there will be a big amusement park, a swimming pool, and an ice-skating hall. The steel roof structure is formed as various geometric shapes like three-dimensional arches and ellipses. Columns made up of B60 concrete with up to Φ40 reinforcement bars with mechanical splices. The biggest block of the structure is approximately 120,000 m2; the finite element model of this massive block has 85,000 shells, 3300 frame elements, and 87,000 nodes.

STAND ENGINEERING developed and used many custom computer programs especially for this project, such as applications for creating the floor mesh and for evaluation of analysis results to compile data for automated drafting of column details.

We are proud to be part of an effective team with and RENAISSANCE CONSTRUCTION which is a major and top-notch contractor all around – RTK Architects, and also with other participant groups.

So many words can be told about the Columbus Shopping Center project but take a look at the spectacular video created by the interior designers C CONCEPT DESIGN

Hope to establish many more projects in future together.